Notes from our Friends, Partners, and Supporters.

I attended this marriage seminar. I have never seen so much love and giving as I did that weekend. From Johnny and Betty Moffitt to every single volunteer. Each one of them touched mine and my husband’s life in a super-natural way.

Thank You so much. It truly changed my life. I recommitted my life to Jesus and am back on the right path.
— Jared and Destiny

This is the first time we have been treated as husband and wife, the most time we have spent together in our marriage.

The love and respect everyone had for us was pure. We will forever be grateful for the Moffitts.
— S.

I believe your seminar has truly helped my husband and I to see where we can and will improve our marriage. Spending time loving on him was just an added bonus. Ya’ll have been a blessing that I will never forget, and will always have in my heart.
— L. -Wife from a Recent Marriage Seminar

God is so Good. I have been blessed with the most wonderful husband, family and friends a person could ever have.

I am forever grateful to my Husband for having the wisdom to sign us up to our first marriage seminar with WVIW and extremely blessed when we are able to attend a second.

It changed our lives, thank you Betty Moffitt and Johnny Moffitt and all the wonderful volunteers, & wives that have been a blessing.

It has changed our lives beyond all comprehension. I love the journey I am on. God is good. Love to all my friends and family and to the WVIW family.
— K.

Dear Betty and Johnny,
We love and thank you for our beautiful weekend. I never thought there was anyone who could care for an inmate and his wife the way you do. Everything was just out of this world. I was able to really express myself, even though it was through tears. I know that God will bless you richly. You sure did bless us.
— R, & S. - Recent Marriage Seminar Attendees
Johnny’s leadership with COPE has had an impact all over the world. Not only with inmates, ministries, but with world government in other countries. He is one of the last leaders left of a movement that God did through prisons raising up a new generation of prison ministers in this country that would impact the prisons everywhere. I’m so grateful for a friend and mentor like Johnny. I wish your book all the success possible.
— Matt A.

Eileen & I attended the 38th Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness banquet tonight. This is a prison ministry that we have volunteered in & supported since 1995.

Johnny & Betty Moffitt are the directors of this flourishing ministry. They save marriages, rebuild lives & keep families together. Their rapport with the inmates is amazing to witness.

Eileen & I help facilitate 3 day WVIW marriage seminars in our Texas prisons for Inmate & Correctional Officer couples and seeing the many changed lives is so rewarding!

We love you Johnny & Betty!
— Randy & Eileen


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