International Prison Ministry in Honduras

“Lord,” he said, “now I can die content! For I have seen him as you promised me I would. I have seen the Savior you have given to the world.”
— Luke 2:29-31 Living Bible

Johnny Moffitt praying over the Ministry Leaders at Puerta del Cielo in La Ceiba, Honduras.

International Prison Ministry in Honduras

By: Dr. Johnny Moffitt

That is the way I felt, as I entered the maximum security, National Penitentiary, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  We had gone there to minister to the more than 4,000 inmates.  Over 500 men had died from fires in that prison in the last ten years.  Our team consisted of me, Betty (my wife), Travis Moffitt (our son), Pastor David Humphries, missionary Michael Scudiero, missionary Mitch Arbeláez of Go to Nations, our driver and Connect Global Honduras National Director-Jorge Amador, and several local prison volunteers.

I have ministered in prisons in twenty-seven nations, and I have never seen anything like what we witnessed.  After clearing security, we entered the prison.  Immediately, we were met with a gauntlet formed by over 300 prisoners standing on both sides of the sidewalk, for over 100 yards.  The video we took of our passing through this line is over three minutes long.  These men were clapping and cheering and reaching out to shake our hands.  In the background, over the cheering, we could hear the sound of several shofars announcing a call to worship throughout the prison.  I was captivated by this display of love and honor paid to us by these men.

In the yard where we were to have our service, were over 900 men waiting for the Word of God brought to them by this team of Americans.  It was absolutely amazing!  I will never forget it.  We worshiped, danced, sang, and there was great joy in this very dangerous prison.  For just a few hours peace ruled.  And to top it off, over 200 men gave their hearts to Jesus that day.  All glory to Him!!!

After the service, the prisoners actually served the team lunch.  In this prison where food is a valuable commodity, somehow, these men fed us a wonderful meal of chicken, potatoes, and plantains.  I felt like Simeon of old, when he first saw Jesus; “now I can die content.”  I don’t mean today—I mean I am content with my ministry and know I   am doing what God called me to do. 

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Prison Ministry Video

Please take 4 minutes to watch this exciting video from our last international ministry trip to Honduras. 



Families Impacted by Prison

In June We had the priviledge of speaking in several churches across Honduras

We had a truly great time speaking on a handful of topics, one being how prison impacts families. We sometimes do not realize how many people we know personally or are connected to that are affected by prison.

I hope you find this message informative, encouraging and uplifting! 



When Everything Falls Apart

Johnny Moffitt speaking at the prison in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In June We had a great opportunity to visit 2 prisons in two of the largest cities in Honduras. 

In all my years of Prison Ministry, I have not seen anything like what we experienced in Honduras.

We truly had a great time in La Ceiba, Honduras. Please take a few minutes to listen to this special message. I hope you receive something great from the Lord! 



Thank You for your prayers and support of our ministry! We are grateful to be sent! 


Honduras Trip Update - Our Visit to Puerta Del Cielo

Johnny Moffitt praying over the Ministry Leaders at Puerta del Cielo in La Ceiba, Honduras.

In June, Betty Moffitt and I were privileged to visit several churches in La Ceiba, Honduras.

One of our visits was to a church named, Puerta del Cielo, or Heaven's Door.

I love ministering in a place where the spirit of the Lord is so evident. This church can worship and they are prayer warriors too.

Our team spoke at Puerta Del Cielo Several times throughout the week and I was glad to be able to pray over the leadership to kick off the National Ministry Leaders Summit. 

Thank You for your Prayers and Support! We truly had a great time in La Ceiba, Honduras. 


Thank you to Pastor Milton Valle and his Wife Pastor Mayra Valle. They're gonna be in my heart and in my prayers. 


Honduras Trip Update - Our Visit to the Hospital

Betty Moffitt and Michael Scudiero with Frances one of the Medical Directors

Betty Moffitt and Michael Scudiero with Frances one of the Medical Directors

In June, Betty and I were privileged to visit La Ceiba, Honduras.

We visited a local hospital which is in need of many things. We are grateful for the work that is being done by several organizations, churches, and individuals. Connect Global is building a Maternity Home in La Ceiba for the sweet mothers who currently have no place to rest before or after they give birth. 

Betty Moffitt was able to bring over 100lbs of Medical Supplies to the Regional Hospital Atlantida in La Ceiba Honduras

Johnny and Betty's Grandsons, Wade and Peter, donated the medical supplies from their personal supply. 


We delivered bandages, syringes, medications, vials, and a host of other basic, but vital supplies. 

It was great to see the vision of the Hospital Staff, as well as the commitment my son, Travis Moffitt, along with his ministry Partner, Javier Mendoza have both made to help the mothers and newborns of Honduras through their organization, Connect Global


Dedication, Faith, & Commitment

Dr. Morris Sheats

Dr. Morris Sheats

In April, I was privileged to spend some time with some of the most important people in my life. 

First I went to Southern Louisiana for a mission conference.  There I met several of the men and women who influence my life every day.  They are missionaries from around the world, whose dedication, faith, and commitment are continual blessings.  It is from them I learn about our mission, calling, the Word of God, and God Himself.  Also, they are all really fun to be with.

Then Betty and I were able to travel to Lubbock, Texas, to spend some time with our spiritual father, Dr. Morris Sheats.  There we spent two days with him as he taught a couple dozen of ministers who look to him as a spiritual father.  It is always good to sit at father's feet. 

Dr. Sheats taught on "Transitions" in a way that really ministered to me, and will be a part of my growth for a long time.  We are very grateful for this very special time.


Heading to Prison in Honduras

On June 8, Betty and I are returning to Honduras for extended ministry.

We are speaking at two national conferences on prison ministry. We are also ministering inside two prisons. These are very dangerous prisons, greatly overcrowded, and housing many of the world's most dangerous prisoners.

We are excited to be going back where we have had a great response in the past.

Follow us on Facebook as we will be reporting to you regularly. 

Our First Marriage Seminar in a Texas Prison

In early 1995, WVIW held our first Marriage Seminar in a Texas prison, in the Hughes Unit in Gatesville. 

We had about 25 couples and about 20 volunteers.  It was a great success.  Immediately, prisons across Texas were asking for a Marriage Seminar.  As a result, we have held over 100 seminars in over 30 prisons and hosted over 2500 couples.

Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness First Marriage Seminar in a Prison.jpg

These Marriage Seminars are now a major part of this prison ministry and we stay booked over two years in advance. 

If you would like to be part of this wonderful ministry to the lives of hurting couples, just go to our web-site, and sign up on the "Volunteers" page.  

Less than 3% of marriages will survive prison, but WVIW Marriage Seminars are changing that in Texas. 

Come join us.


It is time to Repent

Often on my many out-of- town trips, I would drive down the wrong road by mistake.  After a few miles I would realize the signposts no longer matched my directions.  Or the map clearly showed I was headed away from my destination, not toward it.


I could keep driving the wrong way, stubbornly insisting I would get there somehow.  Or I could backtrack---whining the whole time---until I reached the spot where I made a wrong turn and make the right one.  At that point I would be so relieved, so happy to be going in the correct direction, the whining ended and rejoicing would begin.

When we come to our senses, when we see our mistakes---our failures, our sins, our spiritual bloopers---for what they are, it is time not only to confess but also turn around and go back to where we know in our hearts we need to be.

“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near.

Repent and believe the good news!”

Mark 1:15

We will not drive this road alone.  God (our heavenly GPS) will never turn His back on you.  Patiently, lovingly, the Lord waits for each one of us to stop and face Him once more.  He will not say, “I told you so,” but rather, “I love you so.”

“He is patient with you,

Not wanting any to perish,

But everyone to come to repentance.”

2 Peter 3:9

“Everyone.”  I guess that means, well, every one of us.  No matter what we have done.  No matter how deliberately.  All it takes: a change of heart.  And then a shift in direction.  If we are sorry yet keep on sinning, we are driving farther down the road that gets us no place we truly want to go.

To repent means to quit sinning, turn around, and walk back into God’s embrace…

realizing that God’s kindness

Leads you toward repentance.”

Romans 2:4

Here’s the thing: this is a well-traveled road.  You are, no doubt, going to stumble along this route again someday, repenting afresh.  Rest assured, God’s patience will outlast your obstinacy.  He will still be there for you.