Delivered: The Story of Johnny's Miraculous Life.

The story of Johnny’s miraculous life is told in the book, DELIVERED, R.H. Publishing, Frisco, Texas, publishers.



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Johnny Moffitt is Director of Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness Ministries that reaches around the world through ministry into the prisons and other neglected and forgotten people.  In the late 1960’s Johnny was an officer in one of the largest motorcycle clubs in America.  He had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ in 1971 and committed his life to serving Him.  In the early 70’s Johnny founded and served as Director of the Texas Boys Ranch in Lubbock, Texas.  T.B.R. is a multi-million dollar facility that never had a debt under Johnny’s leadership.  He is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Vision University, in California, in November of 2005.  In January of 2007, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters, by Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida.

Johnny preaches regularly in some of the largest churches in America.  He has appeared several times on such television programs as “Praise The Lord” on the Trinity Broadcast Network; “Celebration” on the Daystar Network, and “Light of the Southwest”, in Odessa, Texas.

Johnny is a past President of the Christ For The Nations Alumni Ministers Fellowship, and is Treasurer of the International Coalition Of Prison Evangelists (COPE).  Johnny served 15 years as vice-president and 7 years as President of COPE.  He served 10 years on the International Board of The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International, and remains active in that organization.

Johnny leads WVIW in ministry services to TDCJ through Marriage Seminars for inmates, and officers and staff; Manhood Seminars; Crusades; and established a 12-step program called, “Overcomers”.  “Overcomers” is now in over 50 units of TDCJ, and three federal prisons.  In April of 1997, Johnny received the Governor George W. Bush Award for “Volunteer Services” to the Texas Department of Corrections, for his ministry to the marriages of Texas inmates and TDCJ officers and staff.  In 2006 he received the Governor Rick Perry Award as “The Best Family Program” in Texas prisons.  In 2014 he was awarded the “Chaplain Ray Hoekstra Lifetime Achievement Award” by the International Coalition Of Prison Evangelists, for his thirty-seven years of ministry in prisons around the world.


The story of Johnny’s miraculous life is told in the book, DELIVERED, R.H. Publishing, Frisco, Texas, publishers.  Johnny ministers under the anointing of the Holy Spirit with signs following.  His variegated past and unique sense of humor, provide color to his message.

Johnny and his wife of forty-three years, Betty, have three grown children and three grandsons. They live in Dallas, Texas, where they are active members at Gateway Church, whose Senior Pastor is Rev. Robert Morris.