Dedication, Faith, & Commitment

Dr. Morris Sheats

Dr. Morris Sheats

In April, I was privileged to spend some time with some of the most important people in my life. 

First I went to Southern Louisiana for a mission conference.  There I met several of the men and women who influence my life every day.  They are missionaries from around the world, whose dedication, faith, and commitment are continual blessings.  It is from them I learn about our mission, calling, the Word of God, and God Himself.  Also, they are all really fun to be with.

Then Betty and I were able to travel to Lubbock, Texas, to spend some time with our spiritual father, Dr. Morris Sheats.  There we spent two days with him as he taught a couple dozen of ministers who look to him as a spiritual father.  It is always good to sit at father's feet. 

Dr. Sheats taught on "Transitions" in a way that really ministered to me, and will be a part of my growth for a long time.  We are very grateful for this very special time.