God Will Destroy Your Shame

Very early this morning God woke me up with the words,"Secret addictions."  I immediately thought, what is that all about. 

I think many christians are hindered by one or more "secret addictions."  40 years ago, I was in bondage to a "secret addiction."  I heard a minister say, "If you have a secret, you will have shame."

I found that to be true in my own life.  Thank God we have a God who can deliver.  When my shame began to interfer with my life, ministry, and marriage, I asked for help from Him.  He touched me and delivered me from a very distructive "secret addiction."

He can and will do the same for you.  Face your own "secret addiction".  Ask God to deliver you.  He will and He will destroy the shame.

It just isn't fair

 I know, at least on some level, that God isn’t fair.  He’s just, yes.  But fair?  Thankfully, no, God is not fair.  After all, if He was fair, we would all be doomed.  God is perfect.  He doesn’t just appear to be perfect, He is perfect.  He cannot tolerate imperfection, and believe me, I have plenty of imperfection.

If God were fair, He would require that I pay for my imperfections (i.e., my sins). Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death.  I am glad that, instead of being fair, God is gracious and sent His Son to pay the penalty for my sin (Romans 5:8).

The question is not, “Is God fair?”  But, Is God good?”  We cannot base our belief of God’s goodness on our circumstances.  If we do, we will only view our situation as unfair.  God is good…not because our lives are going well; He is good because He is good.  When we settle in our hearts and minds that God is good, we can trust that He is working in our circumstances for our good.

Trust in the truth of God’s Word…He is good.  He does good.  And He will do it for you.