Building Systems of Evangelism

It is almost midnight and I have just finished grading some assignments from my students at Christ for the Nations.

I teach a class there each Spring to 3rd-year students called "Building Systems of Evangelism". These are amazing young people. They are from all over the world, Africa, South America, India, Central America, and even the USA.

CFNI Class on Evangelism.jpg

CFNI Evangelism Class

Johnny Moffitt pictured with his 2017 Spring Class from CFNI - 

I can tell you the church is in good hands.

These students will carry the Gospel where ever they go. Millions of people will choose to follow Christ through the ministry of those being trained in Bible schools like CFNI today. I am truly blessed to be part of it and see the hearts of these young Christians.

I am very proud of CFNI and proud to say "these are my students."