Tornado Relief Photos from Team in Alabama

WME Tornado Relief
Monday, this week, WME was able to send a team to Alabama with 15 generators and food supplies. Ted Flynn and a crew arrived at the hub set up by Harry Saylor there in Alabama. A warehouse has been secured for incoming supplies. Below are photos Ted Flynn sent in. The 15 generators and food is a start, but much work remains to be done. These photos from friends you know in WME are a first-hand look at the devastation of the area. Thank you all for your prayers and contributions for the tornado victims.Murray Galloway in Mississippi also continues to distribute lunch sacks. Reports are that this is often the only immediately available food source in the area.

Homes, businesses,
vehicles…all destroyed
Photos from
Complete loss
for so many.
Towns and neighborhoods
torn apart.

Harry Saylor
Harry Saylor and Faith Fellowship in Alabama are a point of contact for WME.

WME Team Arrives in Alabama
Ted Flynn and team
bring generators and much needed supplies to Alabama.

WME has contacted local distributors and is able to secure generators at cost. Here is a breakdown that hopefully will help you visualize what the funds you are sending go towards. Thank you. 

1 Generator = $500

1 Sack Lunch = $2.25

Thank you all.

Kemp C. Holden, Jr.

Chairman, Worldwide Missionary Evangelism