A Letter From Johnny Moffitt Treasurer of COPE

Originally Published in the COPE Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

2017 looks to be the greatest year for COPE since the early 2000’s. Our new director, Chandra Adams, is proving to be one of the hardest workers for COPE in our history.  She is constantly on the road visiting members, prospective members, and related conferences to encourage, share the benefits, and recruit new members.  We are indeed blessed to have her on staff.


As treasurer of COPE, I want to tell you that Chandra watches over the COPE funds with diligence and skill.  We are growing and have many opportunities to be a blessing to prison ministers around the world. Several members of the board of COPE are working around the world, at their own expense, to help prison ministers wherever they may be.  


Brent Bishop from Canada, not only is doing a great job there, he is also in Kenya, East Africa. William Bumphus, of Indianapolis, has been working in Nigeria for many years, as well as across the United States. Our Board President, Bunny Greenwood and her husband, Bobby Greenwood, a board member; myself and my wife and board member, Betty, are not only ministering in America, but Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba. We are building COPE in other nations as well as at home. COPE members are training prison ministers around the world.  Come be part of it!!!


In order to maintain the integrity of the COPE organization and be the blessing to hundreds of ministries God has put us together to serve, we need financial support from you.  Membership dues alone will not cover the expenses.  This fellowship has faithfully served the prison volunteers and ministries for 30 years, all at zero cost to the ones we serve. You will not grow, if you do not give.


I am challenging you as a friend of COPE: if you are not a member—join today.


Whether you are a member or not, give to enable this fellowship to continue to do its work.  Why not give a monthly gift to help us provide for our Director and an office where the prison ministers and officials of the world can contact COPE and get the help they need.  We need each other!!!

Everyone can give something.  Every ministry can do something.  Any amount each month from all our members and friends will enable this fellowship to continue to minister and bless those ministries and prison volunteers who need our help.  You can do something.  Now is the time to do it.  Go to the COPE web site, www.copeconnections.org, right now and make your commitment known. Let’s all pull together and make COPE great.



In His Service,