Our First Marriage Seminar in a Texas Prison

In early 1995, WVIW held our first Marriage Seminar in a Texas prison, in the Hughes Unit in Gatesville. 

We had about 25 couples and about 20 volunteers.  It was a great success.  Immediately, prisons across Texas were asking for a Marriage Seminar.  As a result, we have held over 100 seminars in over 30 prisons and hosted over 2500 couples.

Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness First Marriage Seminar in a Prison.jpg

These Marriage Seminars are now a major part of this prison ministry and we stay booked over two years in advance. 

If you would like to be part of this wonderful ministry to the lives of hurting couples, just go to our web-site, www.wviw.com. and sign up on the "Volunteers" page.  

Less than 3% of marriages will survive prison, but WVIW Marriage Seminars are changing that in Texas. 

Come join us.


Why Marriage Seminars?

This is why what we do is so important. After many years in prison, this beautiful couple came to one of the WVIW Marriage seminars.

Virgil has now been free for 2 years and the are going back in with us to share Christ, show other couples they can make a wonderful marriage through Jesus. 

Thank all of you who make this possible through your gifts and support.


Virgil and I served on our FIRST marriage seminar together at the Hutchins Unit...another dream come true! What a...

Posted by Shyrolon Wilson on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


WVIW Marriage Seminar

 Below is a sweet note we received from a wife from a recent marriage seminar. This is the reason we do what we have done since 1978.


"Betty,  Just a note to say thanks to you, Johnny and the entire volunteer staff.  It was even more exciting and informational then I had expected.  I honestly thought it would be dull, boring, school text info, but it was nothing but exciting, powerful and extremely informative.  The volunteers told awesome testimonies, and were down to earth, kind and caring.  Every moment from start to finish each and every day held my attention, made me think, and opened my heart. I believe your seminar has truly helped my husband and I to see where we can and will improve our marriage. Spending time loving on him was just an added bonus. Ya'll have been a blessing that I will never forget, and will always have in my heart."

With a lot of love,



Thanks for a Wonderful Golf Tournament

We really appreciate all of your support and participation in this year's golf tournament. Below are the photos taken by our friend Prakash at this year's Golf Tournament.  

15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness

15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Monday April 17th, 2017 11:00am 

Brookhaven Country Club

3333 Golfing Green Dr, Farmers Branch, TX

Registration 11am

Lunch 11:30-12:30pm

Tee Time 1:00pm




A Letter From Johnny Moffitt Treasurer of COPE

Originally Published in the COPE Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

2017 looks to be the greatest year for COPE since the early 2000’s. Our new director, Chandra Adams, is proving to be one of the hardest workers for COPE in our history.  She is constantly on the road visiting members, prospective members, and related conferences to encourage, share the benefits, and recruit new members.  We are indeed blessed to have her on staff.


As treasurer of COPE, I want to tell you that Chandra watches over the COPE funds with diligence and skill.  We are growing and have many opportunities to be a blessing to prison ministers around the world. Several members of the board of COPE are working around the world, at their own expense, to help prison ministers wherever they may be.  


Brent Bishop from Canada, not only is doing a great job there, he is also in Kenya, East Africa. William Bumphus, of Indianapolis, has been working in Nigeria for many years, as well as across the United States. Our Board President, Bunny Greenwood and her husband, Bobby Greenwood, a board member; myself and my wife and board member, Betty, are not only ministering in America, but Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba. We are building COPE in other nations as well as at home. COPE members are training prison ministers around the world.  Come be part of it!!!


In order to maintain the integrity of the COPE organization and be the blessing to hundreds of ministries God has put us together to serve, we need financial support from you.  Membership dues alone will not cover the expenses.  This fellowship has faithfully served the prison volunteers and ministries for 30 years, all at zero cost to the ones we serve. You will not grow, if you do not give.


I am challenging you as a friend of COPE: if you are not a member—join today.


Whether you are a member or not, give to enable this fellowship to continue to do its work.  Why not give a monthly gift to help us provide for our Director and an office where the prison ministers and officials of the world can contact COPE and get the help they need.  We need each other!!!

Everyone can give something.  Every ministry can do something.  Any amount each month from all our members and friends will enable this fellowship to continue to minister and bless those ministries and prison volunteers who need our help.  You can do something.  Now is the time to do it.  Go to the COPE web site, www.copeconnections.org, right now and make your commitment known. Let’s all pull together and make COPE great.



In His Service,



Our time in Cuba was amazing

We are thinking about our great trip to Cuba.

God met the team in a tremendous way.  We were able to teach in three conferences and almost ten churches.  We ministered to several hundred people and I am especially thrilled to have ministered to over 500 prison ministry volunteers.

Here is part of an email I received from one of our hosts.

"Greetings from the green alligator.

I hope you had made it back safely.

I want to thank you once again for coming down and being obedient to the voice of the holy spirit. We had a wonderful time together!!!  I know this is just the beginning of the many things God is going to do through your ministry down here."

The entire team is excited about going back.  Watch this blog for more reports on the trip. 

Johnny and Betty Moffitt will be in Cuba

This week Betty and I will lead a team to Cuba. This will be my 3rd trip to Cuba. The focus will be on training and encouraging Pastors, Church Leaders, and Volunteers who all serve their fellow Cuban citizens year round. 

Please keep this group in your prayers as they travel November 11-22. 

Our team hope's to update from Cuba if cell service permits, and share with you the details of our travels. 

Thank you for your partnership and prayers. We would not have the ministry we do without you! 

Johnny Moffitt

WVIW Marriage Seminar - Coffield Unit

We are so excited to be headed to the Coffield Unit this Weekend, for our next Marriage Seminar in a Prison! 

We can hardly wait to see all of you precious Wives, and Volunteers. We have many people praying for a wonderful weekend!

If you are attending this weekend's Marriage Seminar, please post about it or tag us on your social media pages.

Use #WVIWMarriageSeminar so we can see all of the responses and comments you post! 

See You Soon! 

Betty & Johnny Moffitt

Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness is determined to help save marriages, rebuild lives, and keep families together through an effort based on hosting several Marriage Seminars throughout the year. We invite you to become a partner in this effort.

An Indescribable Gift

Here is a verse we often use as a hickory switch, thrashing ourselves whenever we stumble or fall short of God’s best for us.

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

Romans 3:23


And that’s true, of course.  We have sinned.  We’ve already embraced that reality.  We know we fall short of perfection.  Way short.

But notice something interesting about that familiar verse: it ends in a comma.  Meaning sin is not the whole story.  Check out the rest of the sentence:

“And are justified freely by his grace

through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

Romans 3:24


We’re not to stop at sin, then; we’re to move on to grace.  Freely.  No payment on our part is required, because the cost has been paid in full, and we’ve been redeemed.

Grace is a gift from God.  We’ve done nothing to deserve this gift.  We simply hold up our hands and say, “Thank you.” That’s grace in a nutshell.  A gift.  With a tag that reads, “For you.”


Here’s another verse we chop in half and use as a whip:

“For the wages of sin is death.”

Romans 6:23


Our shoulders sag as we nod in agreement.  That’s me.  I’ve sinned.  Now I have to pay for it.  Do you really?  Read the rest of the verse:

but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23


How often we’ve fixated on the first part of that truth and ignored the second.  We hear “sin” and“death” and completely miss “gift of God” and “eternal life.”  No wonder we find it so hard to forgive ourselves.  We’re thinking punishment.  God is thinking Christmas.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”

2 Corinthians 9:15

WVIW Annual Celebration Banquet

Thank you so much for the support you have shown to WVIW over the last 38 years.

It has been our honor to serve in prisons and churches around the world. Working alongside our volunteers, board members, and partners we have seen many lives changed and we continue to see the fruit of our collective labor flourish year after year. 

Our banquet is a special time because we get to celebrate the great work we've done together. 

Thank You. We Love You! 

Johnny and Betty Moffitt


Update: Johnny Moffitt

Tomorrow I am off to Shell Lake Wisconsin and Hayward, Wisconsin for two great mission conferences. I always enjoy being there.
Last night WVIW hosted many of our friends and partners at our 38th Annual Celebration Banquet. It was great!! Thanks to all of you who attended and I hope you will put next year's on your calendar.

Betty and I love you.

-Johnny Mofitt

Upcoming Certified Volunteer Training

Did you know in order to volunteer within the gates on a regular basis you must be TDCJ trained?  

Have you ministered inside as a guest and want to continue to volunteer within the gates?  

Then this is the perfect opportunity to become certified. 

September 13th, Tuesday
 (6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

Hutchins State Jail
1500 E. Langdon Rd
Dallas, TX 75241

How does one become an Approved TDCJ Volunteer?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.     Print the Volunteer Application.
2.     Fill it out.
3.     Bring it with you to your local area training.

Former offenders will need a letter from their PO stating they have permission to volunteer along with a letter from their Church Pastor recommending you to minister within the gates.

Please attach a copy of each letter to your application and mail the original to:

Volunteer Services
2 Financial Plaza, Suite 472
Huntsville, TX 77340

Marriage Seminar Invitation

UPDATE AUG. 24, 2016 - The New Location for the November Marriage Seminar is Now

Coffield Unit, Tennessee Colony, Tx

Would you like an invitation to volunteer for our next marriage seminar in a prison?

Three times a year we host a Marriage Seminar in a Texas prison.
This is an inexpensive short term mission trip. We would love for you to join us. It will change your life and the lives of the couples that you serve.


Coffield Unit
Tennessee Colony, Texas


Nov 3-6, 2016.
If you want to join us, please request an invitation.
(In-prison Marriage Seminar #3 of 3 this year)

Annual Celebration Banquet

Please Be Our Guest


“Hope for a Hurting World”


October 14th, 2016 - 7:00pm

Celebrating 38 years of ministry To prisoners, wives, and correctional officers around the world.

Wyndham Dallas Suites

Park Central

7800 Alpha Road Dallas, Texas

Johnny Moffitt


Johnny Moffitt is Director of Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness Ministries that reaches around the world through ministry into the prisons and other neglected and forgotten people.  In the late 1960’s Johnny was an officer in one of the largest motorcycle clubs in America.  He had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ in 1971 and committed his life to serving Him.  In the early 70’s Johnny founded and served as Director of the Texas Boys Ranch in Lubbock, Texas.  T.B.R. is a multi-million dollar facility that never had a debt under Johnny’s leadership.  He is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Vision University, in California, in November of 2005.  In January of 2007, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters, by Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida.

Johnny preaches regularly in some of the largest churches in America.  He has appeared several times on such television programs as “Praise The Lord” on the Trinity Broadcast Network; “Celebration” on the Daystar Network, and “Light of the Southwest”, in Odessa, Texas.

Johnny is a past President of the Christ For The Nations Alumni Ministers Fellowship, and is Treasurer of the International Coalition Of Prison Evangelists (COPE).  Johnny served 15 years as vice-president and 7 years as President of COPE.  He served 10 years on the International Board of The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International, and remains active in that organization.

Johnny leads WVIW in ministry services to TDCJ through Marriage Seminars for inmates, and officers and staff; Manhood Seminars; Crusades; and established a 12-step program called, “Overcomers”.  “Overcomers” is now in over 50 units of TDCJ, and three federal prisons.  In April of 1997, Johnny received the Governor George W. Bush Award for “Volunteer Services” to the Texas Department of Corrections, for his ministry to the marriages of Texas inmates and TDCJ officers and staff.  In 2006 he received the Governor Rick Perry Award as “The Best Family Program” in Texas prisons.  In 2014 he was awarded the “Chaplain Ray Hoekstra Lifetime Achievement Award” by the International Coalition Of Prison Evangelists, for his thirty-seven years of ministry in prisons around the world.

The story of Johnny’s miraculous life is told in the book, DELIVERED, McDougal Publishing, publishers.  Johnny ministers under the anointing of the Holy Spirit with signs following.  His variegated past and unique sense of humor, provide color to his message.

Johnny and his wife of forty-three years, Betty, have three grown children and three grandsons. They live in Dallas, Texas, where they are active members at Gateway Church, whose Senior Pastor is Rev. Robert Morris.

WVIW Annual Golf Tournament 2016

We will be hosting our 14th Annual Golf Charity Golf Tournament, April 25, 2016, at the Brookhaven Country Club at 3333 Golfing Green Drive, in Farmers Branch, TX 75234.  

When it comes to world-class Dallas golf courses, it simply gets no better than Brookhaven Country Club! With 54 incredible holes of golf on three unique courses, Brookhaven offers spectacular golf for every level of player.  This is a first class course with beautiful scenery.

Everyone will walk away a winner!

The proceeds from the tournament will enable WVIW to continue our many charitable programs.  
The $150.00 per person fee will cover green fee, cart, gift bag, range balls, refreshments, and a lunch.  There will be prizes for the first three teams, longest drive, closest to the pin, hole-in-one, and more.  Also, there will be several door prizes and a raffle.
 Late April is a great time for golf in the Dallas area, especially with the opportunity to enjoy a time of meeting other business men and women, and many of the WVIW Partners.
Please mark your calendar and plan to be there.  

If you cannot attend, please consider sponsoring a person or event.  Proceeds go to underwrite the costs of various WVIW  ministries, such as;  “Marriage Seminars”, “Manhood Seminars”, Ministry to Prison Officers, and our International Missions Trips.

Sponsorships are available at the following rates:
Tournament--$1,000, includes 1 foursome and banner
Hole--$150, sign on hole
Hole-in-one--$500 (insurance for car, motorcycle, etc.)
Closest to the pin--$300, includes signage
Longest drive--$300--includes signage
Closest to the line--$300--includes signage

This year we have added new chances for you to donate more and receive more.
Raise over $5,000 for WVIW and receive a set of irons
Ask your friends, family, and business associates to join you in supporting WVIW by giving something in your name.
Each donor will receive a tax deductible receipt.
The person who raises the most, over $5,000, will receive a full set of clubs, including irons, woods, and bag. 
Please help us reach more forgotten and neglected people this year than we ever have.  Your gifts, prayers, and efforts will make that happen.

Register or donate on line or fill out the attached form and mail, fax, or email to WVIW,
PO Box 740273, Dallas, TX 75081.
We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s 4:30am and we are up getting ready for our final day of our marriage seminar in prison. God has done some pretty amazing things in the lives of the couples attending. I can hardly wait to see what He is going to do today. It is always such a blessing to see God at work in the lives of His children.

Bunny Greenwood WVIW Marriage Seminar

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