Marriage Seminar AfterGlow

Posted from: TX, USA

Today was the first night of the marriage seminar and we have had a great time. Fridays are always full of anxiety, anticipation, and sometimes apprehension. Tonight was no different. We spent about 5 hours inside the unit listening to and learning ways to identify and live out who we are meant to be as a married couple.

After the Friday night session the wives and volunteers head to what we call the Afterglow. This is meant to be a time to open up to each other and share what the seminar has given to us each day.

Below is a very small sample of some of the comments we received tonight.

Quotes form the Marriage Seminar Afterglow.

“Tonight really touched me because it helped reaffirm our commitment to each other.”

“Thank you for helping me reconnect to my husband”

“My toes got stepped on tonight…but were gonna have a new walk now, Thank You.”

“My marriage was secret for two years. Through these seminars, I have learned that we all are going through the same things and we are here for each other.”

“Since the last seminar God is with me every day and I am in Awe of His grace.”

“To be able to sit next to each other and read the bible together and worship together really to he’d my heart.”

“I told him we gotta fix it this weekend and Were going to fix it this weekend.”

“My husband has done 13 years and I have been here since day 1. Now my husband is coming home in 13 days.”

Thank you very much for all of your support. Please continue to pray for our group and for the thirteen hour day we have ahead of us tomorrow. We will be heading back to the prison at 630am tomorrow.

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