Hope you Can Join us THIS weekend

We are very excited to announce a Marriage Seminar at Mill Valley Fellowship Church. It will be held on April 27th through the 29th in the Farmers Branch area of DFW and we want you there. 

There are no restrictions based on faith, or how many years you have been married. Betty always says, you dont even have to be happy at all, and that is what we mean! You can have the greatest marriage or feel like you have the worst marriage on the earth and you will still come away with a renewed hope and vigor for your relationship.

It is FREE to attend, and you will be glad you did. Sign Up by emailing me or calling the office at 972 234 6009. 

Thank You very much

Johnny Moffitt

Marriage Seminar Update

Posted from: TX, USA

Thank you for you prayer and support for our efforts here at the Jester 3 Unit.

We have had a great time Friday and Saturday.

We have already heard so many inspiring stories of marriages being strengthened and reinforced. Forgiveness and recommitment are at the forefront of our seminar this weekend.

“We are getting healthy for ourselves, our spouses, and our children!”

Several men shared last night how excited they were to see their wives dedicate or recommit their lives to God.

Please keep us in your prayers today as we finish our last day of this seminar. We are so glad to be here and Sunday always means a lot to all of the couples as well as our volunteers.

Breakthrough Group

Below are several reactions to day 2 of our marriage seminar at Ellis Unit. We spent all day in prison and had such a fantastic day!

Tonight were at the First Baptist Church listening to the wives and I am amazed and blessed by these heroes!

Here is a sample of what they had to say tonight! 

“It pulled even more layers away for me…that is a good thing.”

“The healing began this weekend!”

“Im gonna leave here a better person. A more free person." 

"The old me was a very mean person…I have been declawed”

“I had a breakthrough tonight!!”

Preaching Schedule update

Posted from: FL, USA

I am so glad to be speaking At two very special churches in the next few weeks.

Church on the Rock in my hometown of Lubbock, TX. As well as, North Elevation Church in the DFW area of Mansfield.

I hope you can join me for the service closest to you. I love seeing friends and family when I travel and I am blessed whenever I speak at a “home” church.

Thank you
Johnny Moffitt

Marriage Seminar AfterGlow

Posted from: TX, USA

Today was the first night of the marriage seminar and we have had a great time. Fridays are always full of anxiety, anticipation, and sometimes apprehension. Tonight was no different. We spent about 5 hours inside the unit listening to and learning ways to identify and live out who we are meant to be as a married couple.

After the Friday night session the wives and volunteers head to what we call the Afterglow. This is meant to be a time to open up to each other and share what the seminar has given to us each day.

Below is a very small sample of some of the comments we received tonight.

Quotes form the Marriage Seminar Afterglow.

“Tonight really touched me because it helped reaffirm our commitment to each other.”

“Thank you for helping me reconnect to my husband”

“My toes got stepped on tonight…but were gonna have a new walk now, Thank You.”

“My marriage was secret for two years. Through these seminars, I have learned that we all are going through the same things and we are here for each other.”

“Since the last seminar God is with me every day and I am in Awe of His grace.”

“To be able to sit next to each other and read the bible together and worship together really to he’d my heart.”

“I told him we gotta fix it this weekend and Were going to fix it this weekend.”

“My husband has done 13 years and I have been here since day 1. Now my husband is coming home in 13 days.”

Thank you very much for all of your support. Please continue to pray for our group and for the thirteen hour day we have ahead of us tomorrow. We will be heading back to the prison at 630am tomorrow.

Javier Mendoza Http://Facebook.com/wviwonline.

Church on the Bike Update

Thank you to all who came out. This was the second year in a row we had our service at Strokers of Dallas and it was a huge success. Thank you to Rick and his team for hosting us and making this event such great time. Thank you to the many clubs and groups who rode in to support us and a special thanks to Steve Thompson and the Delivered Chapter of Circuit Riders for planning and putting together all the details that went into this service. Please visit us at http://Facebook.com/wviwonline

Upcoming Events for Johnny Moffitt

I hope that you will be able to join me as I travel the next few weeks. I really have been blessed to be a part of these gatherings at churches around Texas and I know you will be to!

Please take a few minutes to look at the next few weeks and let me know if I will be seeing you at any of the upcoming churches or events. You can email me or just leave a comment below. I also encourage you to find us on Facebook by heading over to the official ministry facebook page.

Thank You

Johnny Moffitt