WVIW Marriage Seminar

 Below is a sweet note we received from a wife from a recent marriage seminar. This is the reason we do what we have done since 1978.


"Betty,  Just a note to say thanks to you, Johnny and the entire volunteer staff.  It was even more exciting and informational then I had expected.  I honestly thought it would be dull, boring, school text info, but it was nothing but exciting, powerful and extremely informative.  The volunteers told awesome testimonies, and were down to earth, kind and caring.  Every moment from start to finish each and every day held my attention, made me think, and opened my heart. I believe your seminar has truly helped my husband and I to see where we can and will improve our marriage. Spending time loving on him was just an added bonus. Ya'll have been a blessing that I will never forget, and will always have in my heart."

With a lot of love,